#24in48 – Readathon TBR



It’s readathon time once more! What’s #24in48? It’s a laidback readathon in which you’ve got 48 hours in which to read for 24 hours if you can. Here’s the details from #24in48:

If you’re new to 24in48, this is the basic gist: beginning at 12:01am on Saturday morning and running through 11:59pm on Sunday night, participants read for 24 hours out of that 48-hour period. You can split that up however you’d like: 20 hours on Saturday, four hours on Sunday; 12 hours each day; six four-hour sessions with four hour breaks in between, whatever you’d like.

I decided only yesterday to join my first #24in48 this weekend, but I’ve got my tbr ready! I’m dependent on e-books, so no pretty stack sadly, but have some pretty cover pics instead. This is mostly so I’ve got lots of reading material ready, not how many books I’m likely to read 😀 I’m trying for 2-3.


devils wake

The Devil’s Wake by Steven Barnes and Tananarive Due

Tananarive Due is one of my favorite writers, so I thought I’d give this zombie apocalypse she co-wrote with her writer husband a try. Also, I’m trying for more escapist lit this readathon.

like a mule

Like a Mule Bringing Ice Cream to the Sun by Sarah Ladipo Manyika

Got some Cassava Republic titles I’ve been wanting to get to for quite a while. This one is about a retired Nigerian professor, Morayo, living in San Francisco and having to deal with aging after a bad fall.


The Lazarus Effect by H.J. Golakai

Also, a Cassava title and an awesome-sounding mystery involving a missing girl set in South Africa. The sleuth is Liberian Vee Johnson, a journalist and apparently this might be the first book in a series!


When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon

Thanks to a kindle deal, I might finally get around to reading this one. Romance is not my genre at all, but I’ll give it a try to see what the fuss is about.


The Conjoined by Jen Sookfong Lee

I started this one a couple months back but forgot all about it, so I might try again for the readathon. The combination of family drama and thriller sounds exciting.


And some books that are not WOCreads: Stakesauce by RoAnna Sylver, Feed by Mira Grant, The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers.


Are you doing #24in48? What are you planning to read?

8 thoughts on “#24in48 – Readathon TBR

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  1. Long Way and Dimple are both great books. Dimple is fun and a quick read so it should keep you going for the readathon. I’m playing too but not sure exactly what I’ll be reading yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, that does great, hope I’ll get to them this weekend. Total mood reader, but hope I’ll read some 📚 from my list 😁
      Happy readathoning! Hope to catch your updates in social media!


  2. I am doing it, thanks to you and Janani alerting me to the fact that it was going on. Thank you so much, it’s been fabulous! I have finished six books and I am feeling great about myself. They are all short so it’s not that much of an accomplishment but I love reading down my library stack.


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