Reading Challenge: Diverse Detective Fiction Month #DiverseDetectives

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Welcome and happy fall! With a nudge from a friend I’ve decided to revive the Diverse Detective Fiction Month challenge for October 2019. Mystery/crime fiction is my comfort genre but it is still quite normative at first glance, even if there are plenty amazing works by marginalized authors. The point of this challenge then is to explore these works and diverse detectives and hopefully add many new favorites to your shelves.


Most importantly: Have fun! Also, read at least one diverse detective story and post a review on your blog/ Goodreads/ Instagram between October 1st and October 31st 2019. Also, feel free to gush on twitter about the books or audiobooks or comics or short stories you’re reading! Use the hashtag #DiverseDetectives twitter button

To count towards the challenge, the book has to:

  • involve a detective of some sort not necessarily restricted to the classic genre conventions: amateur, cop, PI, a sleuthing kid in a space opera…
  • be written by a marginalized author (of color, queer, working class/poor, disabled, neurodiverse, Jewish, Muslim,…), #ownvoices is encouraged but not required to the tee.
  • involve a marginalized detective (of color, queer, working class/poor, disabled, neurodiverse, Jewish, Muslim,…)

What doesn’t count:

  • the author is a white dude writing about the Other
  • Marginalized is NOT: simply a normative white woman author
  • Marginalized is also NOT: simply international. For ex. Japanese woman author living in Japan and part of the majority society. But for ex. a queer Japanese author in Japan? Yes.


Please sign up under this page by simply leaving a comment, but please make sure to add your email  address so I can contact you for the giveaway. Sign-ups will be open until October 15th!


Once you’ve reviewed a work of diverse detective fiction, please leave a comment with the link under this page. This will automatically make you eligible for the giveaway.


One lucky person will win one book of diverse detective fiction! You get to choose the book from The Book Depository, the only requirements are that the book is €15 max and is by a marginalized author, i.e. NOT normative authors writing about “the Other.” The giveaway is international, meaning I’ll send wherever The Book Depository delivers!

13 thoughts on “Reading Challenge: Diverse Detective Fiction Month #DiverseDetectives

Add yours

    1. Congrats you!:) You’re the winner of the challenge giveaway! Please contact me here or on social media to hash out the details till Monday, 18 November!


  1. Wonderful! I look forward to #diversedetectives. I would appreciate some suggestions that would qualify as the right kind and then maybe act as a guidr to oick and choose more such books/ characters.

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  2. I had a lovely day today, and this blog still makes my day happier. Thank you, my dear friend, Bina, for this post, and for encouraging us to expand our radar. I am in, and I am already praying to my Gods to bless me with the giveaway luck. 🤣 Do you have any recommendations, Bina?

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  3. Ooh, fun! I don’t know how much mystery I’ll get to read this month but I will definitely be following what other people are reading. One of my goals for the year is to read more mysteries, and I’d love for them to be by marginalized authors.

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  4. I had posted a comment but perhaps it got lost, so posting it again. Thanks for hosting the challenge. Excited about discovering some new authors and detectives.

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