5 On My TBR

Welcome, welcome to another listicle! My tbr is almost toppling over, but without access to a well-stocked library and a tight budget, a lot of my reading these days is done via kindle and on Scribd. Which is back to being unlimited, hurrah! Here are five works I hope to get to very soon: 1.A... Continue Reading →

10 WOC Releases in February 2018

How did January pass by so quickly? I feel very old saying this but there you go. On the upside a new month means new releases to enjoy and there are some truly excellent WOC reads coming out in February (all links go to goodreads): Fiction: 1)Feel Free: Essays by Zadie Smith - (Feb. 6th)... Continue Reading →

5 On My TBR: The #PrideMonth Edition

Happy Pride Month, folx! Are you celebrating and/or supporting by reading LGBTQIA+ lit? I made a small tbr to read this month, trying to include many sexual/romantic identities and mostly POC representation, but there are gaps as usual. I'm working on it, recs are very welcome! If you have trouble with access/budget like me, the... Continue Reading →

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