Diverse Study Group #DivStGr


Diverse Study Group – Info Page

Our second topic will be #BlackLivesMatter

Please check the channel “general” in our Slack Group and click on the link for the google doc where I put up a mini-syllabus. Make your comments and suggestions to the syllabus till Wednesday, April 12th!


Our first topic will be Intersectional Feminism

 Reading list:

“Contemporary feminist politics in Bangladesh” (in: New South Asian Feminisms)

“What is Intersectionality?” (in: Intersectionality)

“Toxic or intersectional: challenges to (white) feminist online hegemony” (in: Are All the Women Still White?)

Bonus/optional chapter:

“Hot commodities” (Are All the Women Still White?)


Will take place last weekend in February in Slack group


Please make sure to join the Slack group!

(Contact me for an invite link)

What is it?

Read my initial post here.

A casual project for all who want to join me in reading recent-ish academic non-fiction at the intersections of race/gender/sexuality. We’ll settle on a topic and either 1-3 articles/chapters or a book for disussion every or every second month.

Discussion forum: Slack

Since twitter has a character limit and google docs isn’t great for discussions, I’ve decided to steal the Social Justice Book Club’s idea and go with Slack. I want to join some of their discussions and I know some of you have or want to join, so this might make it easier for all. Also, on Slack we’ll be able to share reading materials and such.

Here’s the invite link, the group is diversestudygroup.slack.com:


-> This invite will work for 1 week from today (Jan 19th)!


I’m hopeful we’ll be able to discuss further details on Slack once we’ve all got the hang of it, but you can always contact me in the comments, via e-mail (ifyoucanreadthis at hotmail dot com), or on twitter (@Bina_ReadThis). I’ll add any news to this page as well.

20 thoughts on “Diverse Study Group #DivStGr

Add yours

    1. Yay! Haha assigned reading and all, it’ll be like uni again 🙂 Sure, we’ll all have to jump in and see if we can get our hands on a book and copy the chapter for others. That way we should all be able to join, otherwise we’ll choose a different text. I’ll have to ILL the texts too, so definitely enough time 🙂


      1. Done😊 Make sure to join the General and the topic1 Channel. In the latter there’s a link to vote for which chapters to read📚


  1. Hi Bina,
    Hope your weekend’s going nicely.

    I forgot to check in here 😦 Am i too late to join?
    I’ve had a look for those texts.
    I found a pdf of “Toxic or Intersectional? Challenges to (White) Feminist Hegemony Online” and a draft version of “Taking the Bull By the Horns: Contemporary Feminist Politics in Bangladesh.” (Is that the same chapter as on our list?)

    But I couldn’t find that What is Intersectionality? chapter.
    Do you have a copy you could email me?

    I’m on msfletcher2013 at gmail dot com

    thank you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Kay!

    No worries, there’s still time!😃 I sent you an invite to the Slack group, make sure to join the Channels especially topic1. You’ll find all the Info there (important stuff is pinned), and we also uploaded all the required reading as PDFs there!
    Let me know if you have any questions!😃


  3. So I’ve been a flake about checking my blog and just saw that you replied to my comment two months ago. *sobs* Can you send the Slack link to my email (shauna.krutch at gmail dot com) or is it too late?? I’m MUCH better at checking my email than my blog.


    1. Hi Shauna!

      So sorry for only getting back to you now, I’ve been sick. I sent you an invite now and we’re done with topic 1 but I’m now organizing the new topic so hope you’ll join us for that!

      Best, Bina


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