Cover Reveal: Melody of Astronomical Dusk (Opal Charm)

Hello all! I’m excited to be back today to reveal the cover of Miri Castor’s newest Opal Charm book: Melody of Astronomical Dusk. It’s the third book in the series and will be released in April this year. I for one can’t wait to return to Opal Charm’s worlds!

Check out the gorgeous cover:

cover art by Piere D’Arterie


Opal Charm is in desperate need of a vacation. A trip to her grandmother’s place in the sunny town of Marisol offers tranquility and distance from recent chaotic events in Dewdrop. But Marisol brings a whole new set of mysteries about Opal’s family, including the original Twilight wielder Philomenos.
Meanwhile, Samael Serkhan’s influence grows quickly across the alternate world of Athre. Lies, secrets, and heartache spread with Samael’s power, threatening to sever Opal’s ties with JAEL and family once and for all. With Twilight and family bonds, Opal must stop those trapped under Samael’s control from a self-destructing madness that can engulf both her worlds.

Pre-orders are up now:


(release date: April2, 2021)

Author website


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